Terms and Conditions

Loudwallpapers.com – Terms and Conditions

 Please read the below document carefully because it talks about your rights, limitations, and obligations that might be appealing to you. These policies apply to those who purchase through loudwallpapers.com. If you are not agreeing to our terms and conditions, we request you not to acquire products from our sites. So prior to purchasing any products from our site please review the terms and conditions. This is our essential part that applies to every user who visits our site.

Registration and Cancellation

 Username and password are the basic things to register in our site. We respect your privacy and we never disclose to the third party. You are entirely responsible for any actions that are taken place under the username you have created. You can also update your password, username, e-mail address and so on. We may terminate from using the Website or remove User Content if:

  • In case you are violating our terms and conditions.
  • You violate proprietary rights, intellectual property of privacy of any person or organization.
  • You engaged in actions like causing liability, embarrassment, abuse or disturbance for the third party in the Website.
  • It is needed for the applicable law.
  • We stop offering services on the website.

Limitations and Responsibilities

If the users post any text or upload data or images which contain symbols of hatred or occupy the privacy of the third party otherwise submitting it to the websites is unlawful, harmful, and intimidating and so it is objectionable in our site. You should not copy or transmit because you don’t have such a lawful right. Only for the merchandise, you can use our Website or User Content. It is strictly restricted to post or transmit through unauthorized advertising and spam and other invitations. It is forbidden to investigate or scan the vulnerability of our network or neglect our authentication measures and also collecting the personal data of other users. We encourage not to violate any of the terms.

Third Party Notice

Without disturbing any of the user rights we will insert any advertisements that have links to User Content or to the third party. The advertisements are exhibited based on the algorithms which are used by advertising platforms, and the saved search history and other components. If you click on advertisements and interact with that person means you are with the third party and not with our service. In this case, we are not responsible for these resources or such websites.


 We have the right to limit the magnitude of the User Content and also we never claim our ownership rights through User Content.  We are not limit to control which is posted or uploaded and published through the Website, and not committed to monitoring the User Content, so we are not the victim for their accuracy, appropriateness, or legality of the User Content for which is depicted by Users. You are asked not to include any of your information in the User Content that may identify you. If you wish to display your personal information then you can do it at your own risk.

Copyright Notice and Privacy Policy

As a copyright possessor, if you feel that any User Content available through the website is violating your work please feel free to inform us. While using our Website you should be able to disclose, publish openly as User Content, your personal information as Personal Data. This may need when you disclose your personal information in the comments or on the profile page via website. Please notice that if you wish to be a User and you want to register it and post it, remember other users may see your information about you and the user name. If you want to safeguard your individuality we request not to provide your user name that may allow other users to identify you. The website collects information like IP address, the number of visitors to the site, about your operating system, your device type, and all your activities on the site. We use persistent and session cookies. As a persistent cookie, it remains even after you close the browser and it is used subsequent visits by your browser to the Website. Persistent cookies are removed following the browser file directions. Session cookies are different from persistent cookies which are temporary and disappear once you close the browser.
We use cookies for the following things:

  • To remember about cookies
  • To recognize your personal information.
  • To remember all your fondness.
  • For the security measures.

Our website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of collecting information about the use of our site. We collect information like how often our users visit this website, what are the pages they wish to visit and when they will visit, what are the extra sites they visit prior to browsing on our Website. To upgrade the website we use the data we collect from Google Analytics. Google Analytics never collect any of your information such as name or any other identification but only your IP address allocated to you when you visited this site. We assure you that the collected data through Google Analytics will not be combined with your personal information. Google Analytics instill a permanent cookie to identify you as an individual user on your web browser, so the cookies created cannot use by any other but only by Google. There is an option to secure your recognition on your next visit is to disable cookies on your browser.           

Support and Services

The above said Terms represent the complete agreement between the User and the Website. If any these Terms become invalid then that part will be analyzed with the legal law as early as possible. For any queries please email at contact@loudwallpapers.com. We have the right to modify the Terms or revise it by posting the Terms on the Website. If you are agreed with our Terms then you can discontinue the Website and you can cancel that account that you have registered on this website.