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Find cool best Powerpuff Girls Wallpaper to download in high quality. Chosoe from 30+ Powerpuff Girls Wallpaper HD for computer and phone.  The Powerpuff Girls is a popular TV show comes in America and other part of world. Powerpuff Girls is a animated tv serial specially designed for children. It was started on 18th of Nov 1998 in America and appreciated a lot among children.

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Due to popularity of this animated tv serial – one of the movies was also launched on 3rd of July 2002 with movie name “The Powerpuff Girls Movie” however movie was flop.

Show Name: Power puff Girls

Animator:  Craig McCracken

Directed By: Genndy Tartakovsky

Started Date: 18th November 1998 to 25th March 2005

Language of Show: English

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There are main 3 characters of Powerpuff Girls – Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. Blossom is a very intelligent character and leader of them team. She has red hair with big eyes. One of her unique strength is to freeze any object with her powerful breath.  While the Bubbles is a very cute character with blonde hair. She is cute, can fight well with monsters. She loves animals specially cats and squirrels. Last but not the least character is Buttercup who is very strong. She has black hair with big black color eyes. She love to fight and fight really hard.

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