Poppy Flower Wallpaper

Beautiful colorful poppy flowers wallpaper high quality resolution to download for free. Check red, pink, white, yellow color HD images for computer & phone background. Poppy flower is a colorful and beautiful flower. Poppy flower is also known as Golden flower due to its dark yellow color. Golden puppy flowers comes in variety of color from Red, Yellow to Orange.

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Poppy flower is state flower of California.

6th April of every year celebrated as California Poppy Day.

Poppy seeds are used for cooking, baking and soap.

Poppy flower is used as medicine for pain reliever.

Canada used Poppy flower icon on its coin.

Poppy flower consider as a symbol of peace and death because of its color.

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Family: Papaveraceae

Species: There are 250 species found.

Colors: There are found in many colours white, red, blue, pink, orange and yellow.

Height: 3meter

Uses: It is used both for drugs and food.

Symbolic Representation: It is used as a symbol of death, peace and sleep.

State Flower: It is the state flower of California.

Places Found: Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America.

Interesting Facts: It contains Morphine and Codeine which acts as pain –killer.

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