Amazing Gautam Buddha HD Wallpapers with Quotes

Gautam buddha wallpaper hd quotes

The story of Gautam Buddha begins with the birth of Siddhartha Gautam around 567 BCE in Lumbini, Nepal. Born to a royal family, Prince Siddhartha lived a life of luxury. But, it was at the age of twenty-nine that his life changed forever. It was during trips outside the palace …

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Beautiful Shimla Wallpaper HD for Free Download

Awesome Shimla snow hd wallpaper

Find your favorite Shimla wallpapers to download for desktop and laptop background. The Shimla is the capital and most beautiful tourist place located in state Himachal Pradesh in northern India. This is believed that Shimla was the summer capital of the British. This is one of the most popular and …

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Indian Auto Rickshaw Wallpapers

Auto rickshaw on highway road image

Check these cool and real Indian Auto Rickshaw wallpapers to download for your personal desktop and laptop. We have taken few cool pictures of Auto Rickshaw. Download your favorite one from below photo gallery.

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Winter Sunset Wallpaper

Beautiful winter sunset wallpaper behind tree 1920p

Collection of some of the best winter sunset wallpapers to download for free. We have cool and beautiful winter sunset hd wallpapers with natural background in 720, 1920 to 4k resolution.

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Delicious Watermelon Wallpapers Free Download

Red color watermelon hd wallpaper

Watermelon a sweet and juicy red color fruit. It’s a kind of melon but very juicy and soft. Watermelon is very much popular in United States, India and Dubai. There are approx 1,200 varieties of watermelon exists. A watermelon consists of approx 92% of water and 8% sugar only and …

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Kenworth Wallpapers

Dark blue kenworth wallpaper 1920p

Find your favorite Kenworth wallpapers to download for desktop and laptop. Kenworth is a heavy-duty trucks, widely popular in United States and Canada. If you also have such cool pictures of Kenworth truck then upload it using Register option.

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Old Trucks Wallpapers

Blue color Unclaimed old truck wallpaper

Find your favorite old trucks wallpapers to download for desktop and laptop. We have stored nearly 20+ cool and classic old trucks wallpaper in HD resolution. Feel free to upload your favorite trucks pictures on this website using Register option.

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