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Choose from free christmas tree wallpaper to download for desktop and iphone. These beautiful Christmas tree are very popular, choose from 35+ christmas tree wallpaper hd for your system.  Christmas tree is a one of the most popular tree during Christmas which is used for decoration purpose on Christmas day.  Christmas tree usually refers to Pine or Scotch pine or Fir tree found throughout the world (except UAE and near desert country). Christmas tree is also known as Yule tree. People love to decorate house on Christmas eve and use Xmas Tree.

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Christmas is celebrated in winter season, in Dec month, just before the birth of Christ.

Christmas tree commercially started selling during 1850 in USA and most of the trees were taken from forest.

Now people started using artificial Christmas tree to save earth and around 35% of the United State people used artificial tree during 2010 year.

There are around 30,000 Christmas tree farmers in United States itself.

The very first Christmas tree was decorated during 1510 in Latvia.

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Christmas tree on snow

Christmas is one of the biggest and popular festival of United States, Canada and UK. Most of the schools, colleges, Govt. and private sector office remain close.

Approx 200,000 Christmas tree were sold in 2010 via Internet.

The very first Christmas tree light was made in 1890 and idea came from Edward Johnson (assistant of Thomas Edison)

A 4-5 year old Christmas tree provides fresh oxygen for approx 18 people on daily basis.

It takes approx 6 to 7 yr to grow a mature Christmas tree.

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