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Find the best Chococat Wallpapers to download in high quality image. Choose from 25+ cute Chococat Wallpapers HD in 1080, 1920 resolution. Chococat is another character created by Sanrio company located in Japan – Chococat character is similar to Hello Kitty. Chococat is a cute cat popular among children and adults. Unlike Hello Kitti – the Chococat color is Black with big eyes. He was official released on 10th of May 1996.

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chococat wallpapers

Currently Chococat resides in NYC with his mother. He is popular and always on top of the news. Few of his friends name are Jelly Bean the Bunny, Duckies the duck family etc. There are several products already launch with Chococat in USA, UK and Japan that includes cartoon, books, children games etc.

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