Cardinal Bird Wallpaper

Cute and small Cardinal Bird Wallpapers full hd ready to download for free. Over 30+ high quality Cardinal images to save it for desktop or mobile, you can also upload your own images for free.  Cardinal one of the beautiful red color bird found in America.  Cardinal is also known as ‘redbirds’ due to its dark red color appearance. Male Cardinal has dark red color while female will have gray color.

Red Cardinal Bird wallpaper in 1600x1000 resolution

Beautiful red color Cardinal bird playing in snow

Hungry Cardinal bird looking for food

Cardinal bird wallpaper in 1366x1056 resolution

Cardinal bird wallpaper in 1920x1633 resolution


Weight: 25 to 60 gram (approx)

Life Span: 15 years in wild while they can live around 20 years in habitat.

Found: In America (South and Western part) and in Canada

Closeup image of beautiful bird Cardinal Bird

Cute Cardinal bird enjoying rain

Beautiful Cardinal bird HD wallpaper

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Amazing bird Cardinal high quality image

  • Male Cardinal has red color appearance.
  • Female Cardinal found in light gray color.
  • Cardinal birds usually live in group with around 60 to 100 birds.

Cute little Cardinal bird holding food

Lonely Cardinal bird in forest

Little Cardinal bird sitting in garden

Beautiful photo of Cardinal bird

Beautiful Cardinal bird playing in snow

Beautiful wallpaper of Cardinal bird

Widescreen wallpaper of Cardinal bird

Cute Cardinal bird image with beautiful flower background

Cardinal bird high definition wallpaper

Cardinal bird sitting lonely in a branch

Cute Cardinal bird desktop background wallpaper

Amazing bird Cardinal image with flower background

  • There are 5 species of Cardinals like Peri Porphyrus, Piranga, Rhodo Thraupis etc.
  • Female Cardinal usually attracts towards those male Cardinals having dark red color appearance.

Cute red Cardinal bird searching food

Cute little Cardinal bird trying to fly

High definition wallpaper of red Cardinal Bird

Red Cardinal bird hiding in forest

Beautiful red color Cardinal bird

  • Cardinal is a omnivorous that means they can eat seeds and insects as well.
  • Cardinal male bird is bit aggressive for their territory and when they see their reflection on glass then they keep punching on glass for hours in assumption that reflection of own image of a male Cardinal.

Small Cardinal bird sitting alone in a gate

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